With over 15 years experience specializing in design related to entertainment industry each of our projects benefit from our wealth of experience and creativity. At Principal Concept we consider that design is more than just aesthetics. We are designers, in every sense of the word. We design concepts, spaces, processes and solutions.

Knowledgeable in the latest innovative materials and design concepts, our interior design team balances the project requirements and the budgetary parameters to provide aesthetically pleasing and innovative solutions that reflect our client’s vision.

Principal Concept will provide you a full services operation from conception to completion. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff possesses a wide array of skills, including specific expertise in design, space planning, furniture selection, and lighting. Our ultimate objective is to add value, raise standards and enhance your brand image through our designs.

Principal Concept Design services include :

Interior design
Lighting & lighting design
Renovation and restoration on listed building
Space planning & floor layout
Procurement & Furniture selection
Scheduled Finish


At Principal Concept we start every project by bringing all the actors around a table, asking fundamental questions about the site specification, time schedule, and documentation. Listening closely to our clients and partners to create custom, site-specific solutions. By setting a clear tone and process at the outset, we can start the work of engineering design.

The complexities of the built environment today demand the technical expertise of engineering disciplines and a well-coordinated approach to the design and documentation of such challenging spaces.

Principal concept has a proven track record of developing innovative engineering solutions to leading entertainment industry brands based on its technical know-how, depth of experience and industry knowledge.

Principal Concept Engineering services include:

Engineering design
Site planning and design
Site documentation
Local Authority Management
Construction specification

Project Management

A successful project is the result of a close collaboration between the client and the designer’s team. Combining outstanding design and project management skills, Principal Concept works closely with its clients to translate their vision into unmatched concepts. From a careful analysis of the project requirements, client’s goals, and budget concerns, the end result reflects our commitment to fulfilling our client’s needs.

Through regular site meetings, proper co-ordination of product orders, managing working teams and effective troubleshooting of any issues that may arise during your interior design project, we ensure and on time and on budget outcome. Our project management skills, technical expertise, proven processes and commitment to design excellence produce lasting structures and enduring client relationships for over 15 years.

Principal Concept Project Management services include :

Site management
Team management
Construction Time Schedule